Tarapoto in Peru

About Tarapoto and Abiseo River National Park

Tarapoto is the capital of San Martin, a region in the north center of Peru; it is a region full of fertile valleys and rough territory that is extended between the Andean and small area of lower jungle. The first Spanish city in the rain forest, named Santiago de los ocho Valles de Moyobamba, was founded there in 1549.

One of the most important places to visit is The Abiseo River National Park (274,520 hectares) is part of the select UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List and it contains eight live zones and thirty six registered archeological sites. There are about 980 species of flora, in particular the bromeliads, orchids, and ferns, more than 220 species of birds, and nearly fifty species of mammals like the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, the Andean deer, the spectacled bear, and the jaguar, species in danger of extinction. The park also has fascinating archeological remnants of the Chachapoyas like the Gran Pajaten, Los Pinchudos, and La Playa archeological site with the distinctive circularly shaped stone buildings decorated with geometric designs and diverse figures.

Small lakes like Laguna Azul, hot springs with restorative properties, and lovely waterfalls like Aguashiyacu are the most delightful places you can’t forget to visit. Another attractions are the Alto Mayo Protection Forest and the Azul Cordillera National Park, protected areas that guard authentic treasures of nature.

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