Yarinacocha Lake in Pucallpa Peru

About Pucallpa

Ucayali is a region in center eastern Peru. Its capital is Pucallpa; this city takes its name from the Quechua words “puca”, meaning red, and “allpa”, meaning earth, for the red clay soil abounding in the region. The first colonists arrived in 1883 and established a small settlement at the present day site of Pucallpa, officially founding the city in 1888. This is the city’s only history. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, Pucallpa was a small outpost of explorers, hunters and rubber traders.

Just 7 km from Pucallpa you can visit the Lake Yarinacocha, one of the largest in the Amazon rainforest, is just a few minutes away from Pucallpa, and the Shipibo Conibo people have settled along its shores. The place is perfect for rest and leisure in the many traveler lodges and for enjoying water sports such as water skiing, rowing and fishing.

The area is also inhabited by the descendents of the Panos, kindness people and skilled artisans who sell their crafts. Also located in the region is the Boqueron del Padre Abad a narrow canyon with several waterfalls with curios names like Velo de la Novia (Bride’s Veil) and the Ducha del Diablo (Devil’s Shower).

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