Huayllay National Sanctuary in Pasco Peru

Pasco and Huayllay National Sanctuary

Pasco has two well-differentiated regions, the highlands characterized by its cold mountains and the jungle with wide vegetation and humidity. Its capital is Cerro de Pasco (4,338 MASL) is located in a predominately mining district. The Huayllay Stone Forest National Sanctuary is only forty-five kilometers from Cerro de Pasco. It is a State protected natural area with interesting rocky formations and delightful lakes.

It was the nineteenth century, when German and Austrian colonists who brought their architecture and traditions, still preserved today, to the charming town of Oxapampa (1,814 MASL) where they live. The Yanachaga Chemillen National Park (122,000 hectares) is located twenty-five kilometers from Oxapampa, it is composed of high Andean plains, pasture lands, tropical and cloud forests with exotic life, approximately 350 species of orchids, more than 520 species of birds, and nearly 125 species of mammals like the otter, the jaguar, the spectacled bear, the dwarf brocket deer and the giant rat, many of them in danger of extinction. The Yanesha, native people, today live in sixty communities.

Just going to the north, ninety kilometers from Oxapampa, you will arrive to the town of Pozuzo, where German and Austrian colonists have lived and worked here cultivating fruit trees, coffee beans, rice, and tobacco since the nineteenth century. Another charming town, Villa Rica is well known for its beautiful waterfalls, is just seventy-one kilometers from Oxapampa and has renowned itself in the production of coffee, pineapples, and rocoto.

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