Main Square of Moquegua Peru

About Moquegua

Moquegua is a region in southern Peru. Moquegua is a source of surprises for anyone exploring Peru. Its geography, its people and its history are still not part of Peru’s typical. Few know of the beauty and magic of Cerro Baul; the excellent avocados and piscos from Moquegua; the extraordinary olives from Ilo; the bread from Torata, Moqueguan sweets and cebiche from Ilo are all part of Peruvian cuisine.

Moquegua’s main square is decorated with a fountain designed by Gustave Eiffel, and in the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, the inhabitants venerate the bodily remains of Santa Fortunata, a martyr from the first centuries of Christianity.

There are several, small picturesque towns dotting the department of Moquegua such as Torata with its impressive eighteenth century mills that still use stone to grind and its homes with slanted roofs and the fertile valleys like that of Omate, famous for its fruit and river shrimp. The port of Ilo is the main industrial dock for southern Peru, and the beaches down in this part of the coastline are of fine, white sand broken now and again by spectacular cliffs and rock formations.

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