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Lima was founded in 1535 after its foundation in a short period of time became one of the most important cities in the Americas. Today, with more than twelve million inhabitants, and the city shelters immigrants from all places around the world, which has transformed it into a cosmopolitan city. The UNESCO placed its historic centre on the World Cultural Heritage List; here you can visit splendid samples of Colonial architecture like the Cathedral, the Convent of Santo Domingo, and the Convent of San Francisco as well as delightfully wood carven balconies.

Lima is also an endless source of culture, demonstrated by the existence of many and diverse museums like the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology, and History and the Rafael Larco Herrera Archeological Museum, which guards invaluable Incan and pre-Incan treasures. Situated in the central part of the city are great archeological monuments such as the Huallamarca Huaca or the Pucllana Huaca. In addition, on the outskirts of Lima facing the ocean is Pachacamac, the most important pre-Incan sanctuary on the coast, built in the third century AD. Some of the other great attractions are the beaches, where you can do all kinds of aquatic sports, enjoy the sun, or simply sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

During this trip, you must remember to taste one of the best cuisines in the world. The city offers a wide variety of restaurants and welcoming places where you will be able to taste delicious dishes, the result of the mixing of Andean, Asian, African and European cuisines.

Near 105 kilometers north of the city, you will find the Lomas of Lachay National Reserve where arid mountains turn green between July and November due to the winds that carry fog from the ocean to create an abundant humidity. This natural reserve is home for foxes, deer, and lots of birds as well as a large quantity of wild flowers.

Farther north, in the middle of the desert, you will find the sacred city of Caral that, according to recent research, could be the oldest civilization center in the Americas with 5,000 years of age.

We can’t forget the Churin hot springs, 207 kilometers northeast of Lima, thermo medicinal waters, can cure people with its minerals. Located a little higher than 2,000 meters, this charming Andean valley also contains varied archeological remains and an excellent climate.

Another interesting place in the center is Marcahuasi, a location visited by mystics, nature passion, and people connected to the esoteric. The colossal granite rock formations naturally shaped, those are similar to many types of figures. All this gives this place an enigmatic aspect.

Finally, to the south, there is the province of Cañete where it is possible to experience rural, archeological, and adventure tourism, mostly in the city of Lunahuana.

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After a detailed review of the commentaries and experiences of our passengers, we can recommend the following Lima tours. We are really sure. you will enjoy as much as them.

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