Koricancha Temple

Koricancha Temple in Cusco Peru

Koricancha Temple and Santo Domingo Convent

The Koricancha Temple or Temple of the Sun is located in the southern part of the city of Cusco. This is a classic example of the fusion of Inca and Western cultures, and was one of the most important temples in the Tahuantinsuyu.

Its finely polished walls made of stone were used as the foundations of the Santo Domingo Convent. The temple, whose walls were said to have been sheathed in gold and silver, was dedicated to sun worship, as well as containing images of the gods of thunder and Wiracocha, deities brought from various regions and the mummified bodies of Inca rulers.

Worship within the temple was reserved for the highest-ranking figures of the era, and it was visited by representatives of distant, non-Inca communities all over the empire to render reverence to the gods of the Tahuantinsuyu.

Koricancha Temple Visiting Regulations

To help with preserving this invaluable archeological monument and world natural and cultural heritage site, we recommend you bear the following in mind:

•Bring drinks in canteens only
•Do not bring food or eat within the monument
•Do not climb the walls
•Put litter in the indicated trashcans
•Walk only on the signaled circuits

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