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About Chiclayo

Lambayeque is a region located on the northwestern and combines arid zones, fertile valleys, and dry forests. Chiclayo, bordered by productive valleys and very close to the ocean, is the capital of the region and the commercial hub among the three Peruvian regions: coast, highland, and jungle.

The territory was the site of the Mochicas, who lived there between the first and fourth centuries A.D., which makes Lambayeque one of the most fascinating archeological destinations in the country. It was in 1987 that the famous Royal Tombs of Sipan were discovered, the burial place remains of an important Mochican ruler. Besides the Sipan archeological site, you can visit the modern Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum that contains the most extraordinary gold pieces found in the archeological investigation. In addition, it is worth a visit to the Brunning Museum, located in the province of Lambayeque, and the Sican Museum, located in the province of Ferreñafe.

Tucume Pyramids is another archeological site of unique beauty. There, you will see more than twenty adobe pyramids, all approximately forty meters high, that belong to the Lambayeque culture and which is located in an area full of flora and fauna. Another must see in Lambayeque is the Chaparri Ecological Reserve, located in the district of Chongoyape.

Lambayeque also brag one of the best gastronomy in the country, the delicious rice with duck competes with cebiche in a competition where the companions at table are always the winners. The gorgeous port and beach resort of Pimentel and the traditional town of Saña with its Colonial houses and churches complement the attractions of this fascinating region.

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