Main Square of Ayacucho Peru

Ayacucho And Wari Citadel in Peru

Ayacucho is a region in south central Peru. Ayacucho region is crossed by two mountain ranges that divide it into three geographic parts: the altiplanic region towards the south, extreme highlands in the center, and tropical jungles in the northeast. The topography varies greatly as well as the climate.

It is also known as The City of Churches since people say that there is a church on practically every corner in Ayacucho. The Cathedral, the Company of Jesus Christ, San Francisco, Santo Domingo, and Santa Clara are some of the most beautiful Colonial churches in the city.

The inhabitants are descendents of the dominant Waris who lived in a large part of this territory between the sixth and twelfth centuries and left the Wari citadel, an urban and commercial center, to posterity. You can also visit the Vilcashuaman Archeological Site, an important Incan administrative and religious center.

An excellent occasion to visit Ayacucho is during Holy Week since theirs is the most exciting and spectacular celebration in the entire country. These celebrations include horse races featuring Peruvian Caballos de Paso and the traditional running of the bulls, known locally as the jalatoro or pascuatoro. Ayacucho, land of artisans, also offers its visitors impressive works of art like the retablos, small portable shrines that represents Andean scenes, Sarhua boards, which has worked into it one’s family tree, and carvings of alabaster, a material also known as Huamanga stone.

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